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Podcast Episode 002: Amber Rojas Talks Down Syndrome, RSV, Heart Surgery, and Community

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"My goal was to just get her to heart surgery". That's what Amber said during our interview. For most parents who have a child with a heart defect, the surgery itself is the big scary thing. But for Amber and Fernando Rojas, getting their daughter Ami to the heart surgery was the goal.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) can be a life or death battle for anyone who contracts it, and Ami's Down syndrome made it that much scarier. Ami did incredibly well through her surgery and has continued to inspire people around the world with her four older siblings and two loving parents. In fact, go check them out here on instagram @JustWhenYouThinkShesDown

The Martin house is inspired by Amber's attitude. Twice, in two very big ways, certain caregivers failed the Rojas and put them in very uncomfortable situations. But Amber tells the stories with wisdom instead of ire. (most of us would be angry, I promise you). We are so lucky that Amber agreed to this interview... and you are too! If you haven't already, push play, and listen in to our interview with Amber Rojas!

Find Amber and the Rojas family here on Instagram: instagram.com/justwhenyouthinkshesdown

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