• Kyle Martin

Episode 007: Candid Conversations about Down syndrome with Mema and Bumpa

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Grandparents were once parents to little ones, and know the joys and hardships that come with raising children. Dale and Maryann are Erin's parents, and grandparents to 10! Genevieve is the second youngest, and as she faced her surgery and trials in 2019, they were reminded of their oldest daughter's health concerns at birth.

In the Candid Conversation we get to hear from Mema and Bumpa about their reactions to Genevieve's Down syndrome diagnosis, their feelings as she faced heart surgery, and how their faith played an important role in embracing the adventure of loving their granddaughter with Down syndrome! Listen in to this intimate conversation with Dale and Maryann!

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The Upside Down Family was started by us - Kyle and Erin Martin. We have five kids and the littlest has Down syndrome. Our Hope is help people embrace the adventure of loving a person with Down syndrome. We passionately pursue this goal by hosting engaging interviews and conversations on our podcast. Instagram is where anyone can see our Upside Down life and the lessons we're learning along the way. We will also be sharing our most recent content along with articles and stories from around the web in a weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to below. Thank you for being part of the Upside Down Family!

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