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Episode 019: Dad of a Daughter with Down Syndrome - What I've Learned So Far

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First! Yea, I said it. If you catch it in the episode I refer to a chromosome as a chromosoNe. Whoops. Now that I've addressed the elephant in the room, lets jump into the episode.

Our Daughter Genevieve has Down syndrome. We've known this from the day she was born. Erin and I have loved sharing our journey so far with you... and we treasure our guests that share their stories and embrace their adventure of loving a person with Down syndrome.

Dads often carry a "burden" of protection, sheltering, and steadiness. Sometimes this means we don't share our fears... and sometimes those bottled feelings can be harmful. We need to just nudge open that release valve. That's what today's episode is about.

I've been the father to a daughter with Down syndrome for a year and a half. I almost can't describe the change that has happened in me as we've embarked on this adventure. I've become a better man, and it's been through some trying times.

In this episode I speak to the fathers... but if you're not a father, you might gain a little insight into how we think. What came out of this podcast is three important things I've learned from our journey thus far;

I can't Control Everything. My perspective on what I can and can't control changed drastically. That change was evident when it came time for Genevieve's heart surgery. I couldn't control the situation, but I could control my thoughts, prayers, and actions.

I CAN do this! At first, and only for a short time, I wondered if God gave the stork wrong directions. Maybe his GPS wasn't updated? I was wondering how and why we were chosen for Genevieve. It was one comment that reminded me that we weren't "special"but we do have so much love to give.

This is an Adventure! There are good times, and there are hard times. If I can see my life through the right lens, I will find adventure. Having our daughter with Down syndrome has led to experiences I would never ask for... but those experiences have led to memories I'll cherish forever. This is an adventure.

Listen in as I share insights from my adventure thus far. Thank you for being part of the Upside Down Family!

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